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East Potomac Tennis Center
1090 Ohio Drive
Washington, DC 20024
202-554-5962 (OFFICE)
202-554-5567 (FAX)
 East Potomac Tennis in Washington DC

Tennis Facilities at East Potomac Tennis Center

East Potomac Tennis Facilities


East Potomac Tennis Center provides shower and locker room facilities for your personal needs; please bring a lock and towel!

Merchandise is sold on the premises such as racquets, bags, wristbands, t-shirts, hats, junior racquets, elbow straps, tennis socks, water, sports drinks, energy bars, and our own ball machine is available for rent.

BALL MACHINE: East Potomac Tennis Center (EPTC) is pleased to announce that we now have a brand NEW ball machine available for rent! Using the ball machine is a great way to work on specific strokes, consistency, foot movement, or just have a solid workout.

The new machine is a "Playmate Deuce" and has the following features:

  • 300 ball capacity
  • Programmable directions for up to 7 shots
  • Variable topspin and backspin
  • Electronic height control
  • Random sequence switch
  • Remote control on/off switch
  • And much more ...

Among the best of these features is the option for the user to program the machine to feed a series of different shots (for example, a high topspin groundstroke, then an approach shot, and finally a volley.) There are many options and drills to choose from and if you're feeling like a pro, you can adjust the speed dial to receive ground-strokes or volleys up to 80mph!

Patrons can reserve the ball machine up to 7 days in advance for use at any time (7am to 10pm daily) on the indoor courts only, based on court availability. In addition, we have created several ball machine purchase plans to choose from:

Family Contract (up to 6 immediate family members) is $200 for 1 year and $350 for 2 years.

Single-User Contract is $150 for 1 year and $250 for 2 years.

Hourly Use is $15 per hour, plus the cost of the court rental.

**As a special offer to our loyal customers, we are offering a $50 discount on all 2-year contracts if purchased before January 1st. (Family contracts will be $300 for 2 years and single-user contracts will be $200 for 2 years.)**

Patrons are responsible for picking up tennnis balls after use. Please see terms and conditions and to sign up.

If you have any questions, please send an email to